All lamshades and lamps are available with certified accessories ® NUD.

Each model has a scale drawing, 3dmax file and instructions for use.

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Welcome to the site Here you can choose from a wide palette of design lampshades, lamps and accessories which will light up your dwelling space, public area or an event. For more details look at particular models with galleries and files to download.

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BASE | 2014

BASE is the first and basic element of the design lamp series "SCHEME" created by the author Ing. Arch. Magda Ďurdíkova. It is combined from basic geometry shapes as triangel and square, from which is created any construction or object. Simple design designates it to varry in meeting shapes perserving artistic value of each model. Monochromatic colour is typical for this lamp. Whole design serie "SCHEME" originates from the BASE element.

A6.jpg B7.jpg C4.jpg

SCHEME | 2014

The serie of lamps SCHEME, shapes from the first base element of design lampshade BASE 2014. In the creation of these lamps are repeated basic shapes of triangel and square originated from the BASE element. They develop this scheme in space, duplicating and mirroring the first lamp in a cross axis. Thus is created a steady design with greater demands on space.

A5.jpg A6.jpg A7.jpg

WOOD | 2014

WOOD a | 2014 is one of the first models of new design lamp series from the author Ing. arch. Magda Ďurdíkova. In contrast to the series SCHEME 2014 it comes out in different material - wood. Ashen wood defines new structures originating in the basic element of triangel and square. The lamp WOOD a/2014 combines wooden rods in two pyramids meeting in one point. This basic framework conects with another wing and thus creates an outstanding element of your interior.

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